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Welcome to DFT Express

DFT Express is servicing from Chennai in the International field. We are the upcoming courier services in today's market. Service to all international destinations that are presently being offered by the International Courier Companies. Such as DHL, FEDEX, and TNT. DFT Express is a Chennai based world wide courier and air cargo, international freight forwarder company and logistics solution provider. By way of dedicated and qualified customer service recruits, coordinating, directly with you to comprehend your business and assist in finding the precise solutions to any delivery problems you may face. Our dependable and trusty dispatch pick up workers together with our staff service will solve all dispatch problems by ensuring that your documents and shipments reach their destinations in good time. You can be rest assured that our workforce will work day and day out to help you achieve least price with maximum output.

Our Services

DFT Express takes care of shipping your valuable documents and parcels/samples from any city in India. We provide shipping services of FedEx/DHL/TNT.. wholesale international air courier to any destination worldwide. DFT Express ensures prompt, safe and on time delivery of your products at the most economical rates. With DFT Express’s International priority, all your shipments are tracked, right from pick-up until delivery and even you can monitor the precise status of your shipments online in real time. Delivery of international documents and packages as it offers Document Express (DOX), Package Express (WPX) and Cargo (Box - 25kgs and Box - 10kgs) services. These services are offered to 220 countries and territories worldwide.

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